This is my second 928. Back in the day I would do most of the maintenance myself. Well, that was 25 years ago, and I will not work on cars on jack stands anymore. Back in the 90’s most foreign car mechanics would work on the Porsche 928 with no hesitancy. In 2022 I have found it nearly impossible to find anyone who will look at a 928 much less do any work on them. The few that I did find that would “take a look” did not give me a warm fuzzy. So, as politely as I could be, I avoided having any work done by folks that appeared to not know what they were getting into. At my wits end and feeling helpless I got in touch with Roger Tyson who introduced me to Don Fenton down in Pflugerville Texas. After speaking with Don for about ten minutes I knew that he was the real deal. I was very relieved when my 928 was in his shop getting the attention she needed. Don was very upfront, and communication was excellent. The “while we are in there” preventative maintenance he recommended has saved me untold time and expense in the long run. He is very skilled at his craft. I would highly recommend Don Fenton to perform all levels of work, from routine maintenance to major overhaul/restoration. I am extremely pleased with my experience with Don Fenton at 928 Done Right!