Anyone that owns a Porsche 928 can appreciate the difficulties of working on them and nuances to attention to detail that they demand. Deferred maintenance with these cars are death nails to both their longevity and reliability. The particular nuanced service issues cannot be ignored, not for long anyway. I have, personally, made the mistake of taking a classic GT Porsche to a shop that does not have a good knowledge base with them. I paid for that mistake handsomely. Don knows these cars. Inside and out. He creates a list of critical items and looks after the two things there cars are known for; IF they are properly looked after. I just drove last week my daily driver, an ‘85 Euro, 1700 miles round trip. My car performed flawlessly and in fact ran better, smoother and faster than it ever has in my almost 10 years of ownership. Don helped me prep for that trip and got the details taken care of so that I could enjoy my trip. Take your car to 928sDoneright. You won’t be disappointed.